Buzaba is looking for investors to take this community coin done entirely by volunteers to the next level.

All interested parties should contact us by email, we are only interested in serious investors with capital to invest in Buzaba.

Less than a decade ago, many individuals did not have the slightest idea as to what cryptocurrency was all about. Terms such as blockchain and initial coin offering (ICO) were foreign to the unwashed internet user. Even half a decade ago, during the ICO explosion of 2017 and 2016, only a select few tech geeks and early crypto adopters knew about the realm of cryptocurrency, and many believed that the industry was yet another bubble or a fad that would not last. 

At the moment Buzaba plans to exist on the Ethereum blockchain as a standard ERC20 token and the 7 vaults are what set Buzaba apart from all the other tokens out there (see draft whitepaper) a genuine community coin done entirely by the community and volunteers.

Of course, we all know that everything changed with Bitcoin exploding in value, paving the way for thousands of altcoins that the world knows today. When Bitcoin first climbed to an all-time high of $20,000, it started a significant trend, putting several lesser-known names at the time on the map, including Ethereum and several other top ten crypto projects. It was this historical moment that prompted early adopters to increase their initial investments and, at the same time, capture the attention of business owners due to the encouraging numbers.

Since then, both cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have paved the way for numerous possibilities with their applications in processes across multiple industries. Today they are a notably attractive option for the myriad of benefits businesses can glean from them. In this piece, however, we explore the advantages that start-ups and small businesses can benefit from cryptocurrency and how they can acquire investments.

Cryptocurrencies have revolutionised how people transact value, invest in savings and raise capital with their decentralised cash systems. Blockchain technology is heralded as a once-in-a-lifetime invention, and never before in the history of man have we been presented with such a monumental breakthrough in fintech.

We built a strong community around Buzaba.

The community is the heart and soul of a cryptocurrency project, providing a strong foundation that drastically improves the likelihood of a project’s success. The individuals who are part of a community help raise funds, create videos, and show other people how to use features of the technology. Members of Buzaba project don’t merely support the team but have a spot on the team. Communities have financed projects, crowdsourced ideas that turned into product updates, and developed long-term relationships that bring a project to life. A project is its community and vice versa. If concepts, products, entities, spanning all industries, not just within the blockchain space, intend to truly have an impact, they should consider building a supportive community.

Raising capital.

The rise of cryptocurrencies has disrupted the way early-stage enterprises raise capital. Since the inception of initial coin offerings (ICOs), start-ups globally have benefited from raising money quickly and cost-effectively from a vast pool of investors. Company valuations are almost immediately reflected by the market, a process that, before cryptocurrencies, was challenging for businesses in their early stages. Shares are effectively issued as tokens and are tradeable often immediately, thus bringing in significantly large amounts of liquidity to a new company.

The crypto industry's new approach to raising capital transformed the world and enabled the best technical minds to develop their businesses at high speed. Everyone remembers 2014 when a teenager hailing from Canada by the name of Vitalik Buterin raised money for his start-up, Ethereum, now the world's number two crypto by market cap. Vitalik sought to improve Bitcoin's blockchain via his initial coin offering by creating a platform for developers to build practical and progressive applications. Vitalik, with just a whitepaper and a vision, managed to successfully raise $18 million for his project, which today has a total market capitalisation of $136,525,620,178. We now have other blockchains such as Cardano, Solana and and many others claiming to be the fastest, cheapest, best on the block.

Transacting value with Buzaba.

Buzaba aims to enable people with the ability to transact with peers without the need for a central authority. Cryptocurrencies provide a cheaper, faster and more efficient alternative to traditional payment methods. Accepting crypto payments has become increasingly efficient for small businesses, with many enterprises benefiting from saving on fees and shorter settlement times. Today, many start-ups no longer need to go through the lengthy process of setting up business bank accounts to receive and distribute funds. In 2014, Overstock became the first retailer to accept Bitcoin as a payment method, receiving over 800 orders worth $126,000 in BTC in the first twenty-two hours alone.

Investing in Buzaba.

Cryptocurrency has, for many entrepreneurs, presented an investment opportunity of a lifetime. Never before have retail investors had investment access to high-growth companies in their early stages. In the traditional finance world, venture capitalists and private angel investors have monopolised access to investments of the world's brightest technical talent. The crypto industry provides a new gateway for anyone globally to invest in some of the world's most revolutionary and exciting technologies and allows retail investors to own a slice of the pie that is high-growth companies.

Buzaba and possible Blockchain development.

Blockchain technology provides a robust infrastructure for businesses seeking to run their technology and create entirely new business models without a central authority. Today, blockchain technology is already revolutionising the way that start-ups create value. For example, Ethereum provides enterprises with the means to quickly develop a myriad of revolutionary applications and is often free. Take OmiseGo, for instance, a payments company that has been using blockchain to provide banking services for the world's 2 billion unbanked population. A Buzaba Blockchain could offer start-ups a cost-effective way to develop decentralised applications that can be scaled to the global population.

Buzaba leveraging the community.

In today's modern world, the blockchain and cryptocurrency community provides access to many of the world's best entrepreneurs. Big names in tech such as Facebook, Telegram, Slack and WhatsApp have become popular in developing communities of decentralised blockchain investors. Enormous investment opportunities in fledgling start-ups can take place in a matter of minutes, a process that in the past could take months via traditional venture capital routes.

Why invest in Buzaba?

Utilising Buzaba as a means of investment has the potential to attract new customers and additional investors to a start-up simply because of its popularity among the population, including millennials, Gen Zs and all races and genders. Investing in crypto can increase a start-up's value in the eyes of the majority and make a company accessible for business. Cryptocurrencies provide a platform for entrepreneurs to raise capital quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Entrepreneurs benefit from transacting value through blockchain technology at high speeds, with little setup costs and can invest in high-growth tech entities at their earliest stages. Buzaba is still a project with a Draft Whitepaper but it has a great community attached to it and the 7 vaults are what set Buzaba apart from all the other tokens out there (see draft whitepaper), but with your investment who knows where this community coin done entirely by the community and volunteers could go.

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